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A few people have asked for Moonlight Mahjong ringtones. Here are the wind chime sounds from the game - including a couple extra clips that aren't even in the game due to lack of space. These are sounds from an actual wind chime that I recorded specifically for Moonlight Mahjong. They are for your private use if you like them. Don't use them in your own game; that would just be tacky.

The game sound files were converted to .m4r (ringtone) format using Ringer.

-- Mike Howard


(270 K)

Installing Ringtones on your iPhone

On your computer:

1. On Mac: Download the ZIP file. Locate the ZIP file on your computer, probably in your Downloads folder, and double-click it to extract the ringtone files into a folder named "MoonlightMahjongChimeRingtones". Open that folder to locate the ringtone (.m4r) files. On Windows: Open the ZIP file, or do whatever you do on Windows to locate the ringtone (.m4r) files.

2. Open iTunes and connect your iPhone to your computer.

3. In the left pane in iTunes select Ringtones.

4. Drag the ringtone (.m4r) files into the Ringtones area in iTunes.

5. In the left pane in iTunes, select your iPhone. Then on the top right select the Ringtone tab. Make sure Sync Ringtones is check marked. If not, checkmark it and click Apply.

6. Sync your iPhone with iTunes.

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