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Moon Globe

Hold the Moon in your hands. Moon Globe turns your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad into a precision instrument for viewing Earth's Moon. Satellite imagery and topographic laser altimeter data are combined to render the Moon with realistic lighting in realtime 3D.

Use the multitouch screen to manipulate the view. Spin above the surface, or switch to Telescope mode to see the Moon as it appears from your location on Earth. Adjust the display time and watch the sunlight shift over the lunar landscape. A "tag cloud" floats just above the surface, labeling terrain features and spacecraft; touch any label to find out more about that feature. Moon Globe also shows you where the Moon and Sun are in the sky with its dynamic sky compass.

This amazing astronomy simulation is FREE so that you can learn about Earth's Moon and wow your friends with what your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad can do. For Moon Globe fans, Moon Globe HD (iTunes Link) is also available, with twice the map resolution and somewhat better rendering.

User Reviews:

"This is an extremely valuable tool for education and pleasure. The graphics technology is superb. The ability to adjust the angle of illumination brings out the ridged relief of the impact scarred terrain."
- Bill Ryan, Columbia University, designer of Earth Observer

"$.99 for this app is ridiculous, I'd have gladly paid 10 times as much for it. I do lunar photography through a telescope, and I have not found a desktop app it's equal when it comes to identifying lunar features either at the telescope or in a photograph. I have a $60.00 desktop app that doesn't come close to the ease of use and the accuracy of this simple app."
- Starstone (review of the HD version)

"I am very happy with this purchase. It does far more than what I had hoped for. From the detailed and changing shadows, the telescope view and fast forward time options (the Moon's wobble is demonstrated very clearly) all make this an exceptional application." - daveaa (review of the HD version)

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