Midnight Martian

Moon Globe

Take a tour of the mysterious Red Planet. This virtual globe combines a high-resolution satellite map with laser altimeter data and advanced topographic lighting to present the planet Mars as it appears from above. An Introduction and Guided Tour present some of Mars' most intriguing features. You can leave the guided tour and explore Mars as you like; over 1500 surface features have been annotated with information and links. Mars Globe is a must-have app for anyone interested in our solar system.

This amazing simulation is FREE so that you can learn about Mars and wow your friends with what your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad can do. For Mars Globe fans, Mars Globe HD (iTunes Link) is also available, with twice the map resolution and somewhat better rendering.

"My science classes were never like this... a terrific demo of the power of the iPad to inform and entertain." - Mel Martin, TUAW.com

User Reviews:

"Scary cool App. I'm teaching my kid about Mars and space exploration and he loves it." - Moses Avalon

"Along with the nearly identical Moon Globe app from the same developer it gives you an uncanny feeling of actually being there, not just of viewing the surface but actually visiting these two bodies in space." - mrtew

"This is a very well-organized app, with plenty of detailed explanations. The globe itself has good resolution and can switch to topographical mode.. It offers a guided tour, an alphabetical list of features, or filters data two or three different ways. Anyone but the people at the Jet Propulsion Lab should find new things to learn about Mars here." - Science Fan

"This app is wonderful. Incredibly smooth frame-rate considering the detail of the surface map - and that's not to mention the wealth of information contained within. Highly recommended." - BT60

"This has been one of my all time favorites on the iPhone, and I am immensely pleased that it is now available on the iPad. Astonishingly beautiful and extremely clever in its use of the available computing power, it transports you to the Red Planet directly from your armchair. Very highly recommended to anyone remotely interested in what's out there!" - Pining for the fjords

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