Moonlight Mahjong

Moonlight Mahjong

The classic Mahjong Solitaire tile game in multitouch 3D, designed specifically for the iPhone and iPad. Play “arcade style” with progressively difficult levels, or relax with one of the non-competitive game modes. Moonlight Mahjong has been downloaded over 4 million times and is played by tens of thousands of people every day.

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Moon Globe

Hold the Moon in your hands. Moon Globe is a 3D simulation of Earth's Moon that you can manipulate with the multitouch screen. It features realistic realtime lighting, a catalog of lunar features, and a compass to show the Sun and Moon's position in the sky.

Mars Globe

Take a tour of the mysterious Red Planet. This virtual globe combines a satellite map with laser altimeter data to present Mars as it appears from above. An introduction and guided tour present some of Mars' most intriguing features.

Midnight Planets

Explore Mars as seen by the Mars Rovers Curiosity, Spirit and Opportunity. Midnight Planets lets you view every image returned by the Mars Rovers, displaying them in panoramas, with several options for viewing in 3D. It's an ongoing project in visualizing public data from spacecraft exploring our solar system.

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